Living in the city's an expensive proposition – there's no need to make it harder on yourself by paying an exorbitant amount for rent.

Our apartments are affordable. They are part of the Low Income Tax Credit Program. Our rents are much lower than our comparable neighbors.


Siena Pointe

What We Offer

Conveniently Located


Superb Value

The great thing about Hayward is just how much stuff you find around you. Hayward's revival of their downtown center is but a short walk away. Beyond Hayward, the BART is less than a 1.5 mile walk, unleashing all the San Francisco area has to offer. 

The only limit to what you can do, is your imagination.

All of our apartments feature a litany of premium features you can have in your next home, including granite countertops, large floor plans, and modern appliances.


Additionally, our resident services programs allow your kids to get help with homework, and free internet accessible computers for our residents to use keeping you connected.

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